Q Farms is a pasture based protein farm in the hills of northwestern Connecticut's Housatonic river valley. They currently raise cattle, pigs, chickens, bees and have a 2000+ tree walnut, hazelnut and chestnut orchard.

Their goal is to provide people a diverse, healthful, and regionally appropriate way of meeting their protein needs.

Brookside Maple Arethusa al tavolo

Brookside Maple Syrup is located just two miles past our dairy farm in Litchfield, CT. Locally sourced and holding a true Connecticut taste, this maple syrup also goes into our yogurt and maple walnut ice cream we make at the dairy!

Sepe Farm is a small farm specializing in CT Grown lamb that is pastured and grain fed (non-GMO grains) in a natural, stress free environment. Their lambs are raised without feeding hormones, additives, or antibiotics.    

Sepe Farm is passionate about promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting their environment.

From the Bourbons of the plateau highlands of Brazil to the mountainside Typicas from Java, Ashlawn Farm Coffee gives even the most discerning coffee connoisseur a wide variety of coffee origins and varietals to choose from. The best part is that they are right here in the newly-located Connecticut roastery, next door to the bustling old train station, you can find them crafting coffee for you every single day.

“Our commitment is to distill the finest spirits in small batches sourcing the best ingredients our local farmers have to offer. And the taste of that commitment can be found in every sip of our Batchers’ spirits.”

“Our partnership with Camps Road Farm and Neversink Spirits reflects our view of fermentation, innovation, and community: that most good things do not happen in isolation, and are enriched by diverse abilities and varied personalities. Our farm allows our brewery to function more efficiently, and fermentation itself is most productive when it is a partnership. Farmhouse beer is often what brewers refer to as “mixed culture” — beer which develops a complexity of character due to the slow process of multiple microbes working in conjunction.”