Arethusa Farm Dairy is Located Next Door to the Restaurant



We first began making cheese here in Bantam in 2011, and it wasn't long before demand outpaced the capacity of our two small aging rooms. In 2015 we added nearly 5,000 square feet of state-of-the-art aging space, constructed such that each cheese in our lineup has the perfect balance of temperature and humidity, much like the natural caves used for millennia. Today, our team makes nine different aged cheeses, each recipe unique, but all intended to highlight the rich, pure milk of our award-winning herd.

Ice Cream

There is perhaps no tastier melding of art and science than Arethusa ice cream. With our fresh milk and cream at hand, our dairy plant team crafts unique custom mixes for each flavor, blending careful recipe development with good, old-fashioned taste testing. 16% butterfat may earn you the title “super premium,” but only hand-crafted care and attention to detail can get you Arethusa’s “ice cream like it used to taste”.


Butter is just churned cream right? Not a chance! The Europeans have known better for centuries. To raise butter to its full potential, the cream has to be cultured and allowed to sour slightly, not unlike the way in which grape juice is elevated by the winemaker. At Arethusa, our fresh cream is allowed to sour for two full days before it's churned in small batches, creating a wide array of complex flavor compounds and resulting in a depth of flavor and aroma that will have you reaching for this cultured butter time after time.


Arethusa Farm Dairy's yogurt formula is simple: our own farmstead milk and cultures. No thickeners and no stabilizers in sight. Our whole milk yogurt is unhomogenized, giving it a classic cream line, just liked it used to be.


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